Lunch Concerts at FASoS

During the academic year 2022-2023 you can enjoy concerts of classical music once per month in the lecture hall “Turnzaal” at FASoS.

Take some time for yourself and get out of your routine of study and work. Come and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of classical music, from the best-sellers of classical music to hidden gems that are not so well known but completely worth it to pay attention to. This concert series is for everyone, from music lovers to those who are not so familiar with classical music or those who want to discover it.

Come and enjoy these performances in the atmosphere of the “Turnzaal” different from a concert hall o similar venues.

During the first concert of the series, come and discover the Latin rhythms of Tango complemented by the passionate character of Spanish dance “Fandango”

Date and time: Monday 26th of September at 13:00 hrs
Tangata de Agosto for strings and guitar by Maximo Diego Pujol

Guitar Quintet “Fandango” for strings and guitar by Luigi Boccherini

Hi Music Ensemble:
Ilgin Top, violin
Magdalena Folwarska, violin
Daniel Rivera, viola
Jorge Forés, cello
Alejandra Moreno, guitar

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