Euphonia is an association of international young musicians in Maastricht, The Netherlands who want to share their passion for classical music with their community.

New Concert Series at FASoS – Maastricht University

During the academic year 2022-2023 you can enjoy short concerts of classical music once per month in the lecture hall “Turnzaal” at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, FASoS.

Take some time for yourself and get out of your routine of study and work. Come and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of classical music, from the best-sellers of classical music to hidden gems that are not so well known but completely worth it to pay attention to. This concert series is for everyone, from music lovers to those who are not so familiar with classical music or those who want just to discover it.

Come and enjoy these performances in the “Turnzaal”, they last about 30 min and they are for free.

No registration needed

Lunch Concert

Tuesday 30th May at 13hrs.

During the next concert, you will discover the vibrant and rich sound of Lumen Ensemble, a small orchestra that will let you enjoy the symphonic repertory.

They will play the first symphony of Beethoven.

Duration: 30 min approx.

No registration needed

Address: Grote-Gracht 90-92, Maastricht, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Meet the Artists

Lumen Ensemble

Lumen Ensemble is a chamber music group (or how we
like to call it: a pocket orchestra) form by students from
Conservatorium Maastricht who love playing both
chamber and symphonic music. This is why they have
created a project where they can play arrangements of
great symphonic works without the need of gathering a
whole orchestra. The instrumentation consist in one violin,
viola, cello, contrabass, flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon
and timpani.
They prepare their repertoire with the help of their
chamber music coaches Kyoko Yonemoto (violin) and Will
Sanders (horn) and in collaboration with the conductor
Victor Gil Calabuig.

Music opens a path into the realm of silence

Josef Pieper

Get In Touch

  • euphoniaconcerten@gmail.com
  • (+31) 6 82 14 87 11